Wallet-Sized Strange Creature Valentines

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Dare to be unique (these creatures certainly do!). Whether it is an angler fish (which lures its prey with a light bulb on the end of a "fishing line" hanging by its mouth), the aye-aye (like woodpeckers will tap on trees to find hollow areas with bugs, gnaw a hole and use their long fingers to pull them out), the axolotl (a salamander that decided to forgo land for an aquatic life using external gills) or the tardigrade (almost indestructible microscopic animals that can withstand volcanoes, deep sea, mountaintops and even outer space!), these designs are perfect for handing out to classmates, colleagues, friends and family! Valentines are printed on high quality cardstock. They are wallet sized (2" x 3.5") and come with mini envelopes.


  • Aye-Aye Am Crazy About You Valentine
  • Valentine, You Are Tardi-Great
  • You Light Up My Life Valentine
  • Valentine, I Like You A Lotl

Please note: due to their small size, these envelopes are not mailable via the United States Post Office (USPS) or Canada Post

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