X or Y Chromosome Sex / Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

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"X or Y, we can't wait to say hi! Scratch the nucleus to find out the gender/sex."

These little science themed gender reveal scratch cards are sure to delight! Each card features a whimsical cell, complete with mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum and of course, a nucleus which is "scratch-able" {reveals either a XY (boy) or XX (girl)}.

These cards are perfect for gender reveal parties or baby showers but also can be slid neatly into mailed pregnancy/birth announcements. Each package includes 24 mini cards and 24 little white envelopes. Please note, the mini envelopes are below the typical size minimum requirement for mailing, so they will need to be placed into larger envelopes if you will be sending them out directly.

**Penny not included

- Card Size: 2" (5 cm) X 3" (9 cm)
- Professionally printed with thick, high quality cardstock (lovely matte texture on the front, glossy on the back)
- Each package comes with 24 cards
- Each package comes with 24 mini envelopes
- Designed and printed in Canada

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